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Written works are fictional and include poetry, short stories, and novellas.

o1.   Today, the weather is death
-- In memory of a childhood friend --
Written in December 2012

An encounter between a regular, office woman and a man who cannot find his joy in life, particularly not during the holiday season.
Completed on November 11, 2011
Genre: Drama

02.   The Vending Machine
A young man in his late teens muses about the invention of the vending machine, when he stumbles upon something unexpected one night.
Completed on February 05, 2013
Genre: Drama, Horror

01.   Dulces SueƱos
Three university graduates embark on a journey to Spain, where they chase a dream across the Spanish mountains in search of a legendary candy land.
Status: In Progress (Last update on September 02, 2011)
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Magical realism

02.   A Handful of Stars
A boy and and his little sister are on the run for a crime they didn't commit. Unknowingly, they are transported to a space colony where an unfortunate accident separates them. Having lost his memory, the boy struggles to rediscover his past and reunite with the memories he once held close.
Status: In Progress (Last update on August 31, 2012)
Genre: Drama, Romance, Science fiction